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The Surprising Obstacle That Derails Employees' Health Goals

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Wellness has become an attractive recruiting and retention tool and can differentiate an employer in today’s competitive job market. Health and wellness programs continue to grow in popularity – almost 66 percent of companies have expanded their employee wellness initiatives over the past five years. According to a recent survey conducted by the Robert Half company OfficeTeam, 89 percent of employees reported that their company is supportive of their wellness goals.

The study highlighted some of the ways employers are improving the health of their employees:

Paying employees extra money if they don’t check work email while on vacation

Providing exercise, meditation, yoga and healthy cooking classes on-site

Offering free massages

Giving workers fitness tracking devices and access to on-site personal trainers

While these are all great benefits, it's important that these initiatives are tied to a comprehensive wellness program in order to meet an organization's objectives -- whether it's healthier employees, happier employees or reduced healthcare utilization.

Not too surprisingly, the study uncovered a major obstacle to any wellness initiative: food. Fifty percent of employees reported that office celebrations and snacks brought in by colleagues did the most to jeopardize their healthy eating goals. In fact, 44 percent of employees reported eating more healthfully when they worked from home.