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Improve Employee Health with Chronic-Condition Management Programs

Employee wellness and the employers’ role have evolved over the years. What started out as simply getting exercise by establishing a walking group or replacing unhealthy vending machine snacks with healthy options has progressed to encompass every aspect of employee well-being. As a result, corporate wellness is now an $8 billion US industry.

Businesses have realized the value wellness programs provide when developed and implemented properly and are launching initiatives that touch on the financial, emotional and physical well-being of employees. Beyond improving employee health, wellness programs can build a strong company culture, increase employee engagement and foster teamwork. To get results, however, companies need to do more than hand out fitness trackers and offer yoga. It’s important that each program be well thought out and developed with the wants and needs of each organization’s workforce in mind.

As part of a comprehensive wellness program, employers should consider implementing initiatives tailored to employees with the most health risks as these individuals are the costliest – and often the average employer health and wellness program is not customized enough for individuals at high risk. These employees need better tools and support to make improvements in their health. Chronic condition management is an excellent tool for employers who want to improve the health of high-risk employees and make a significant impact on employee well-being.

Chronic-condition management programs classify employee populations based on those who suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease, or who are at risk of developing any of these. Employers can offer these employees individualized wellness plans that include health coaches, certified health professionals and professional medical advice. They can also work with their wellness provider to develop targeted programs that address specific conditions. At Wellness Workdays, we offer a number of chronic-condition management programs and have helped our clients improve the health and well-being of employees with significant health risks. Contact us to learn more.

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