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Find the Perfect Pear to Make Your Heart Beet

finding love in a grocery store

“Love. Aisle 3.” Not the anticipated loud speaker proclamation routinely asserted in your typical commercialized grocery store. Is it right to so decidedly assume that love cannot be found while perusing the local produce? Food shopping is an exercise habitually undertaken by hundreds of individuals daily. With this necessary responsibility comes the possibility of meeting “the one.” Picture a fellow nut butter connoisseur browsing the peripherals of their coveted department; this is an opportunity arising for a connection to be forged. Food is the fuel that sustains us all, an unspoken language instinctive and intimate. Cooking requires tenderness and understanding as it entails the harmonization of flavors. The food components of meals are thoughtful and researched. Thus, with the proper nutritional information and confidence of having strategically chosen ingredients, seek out a companion in a section of familiarity and discover that you’re within your comfort zone.

With that said, remember to be open. Smile, be friendly and relate to patrons by the seafood counter about how wild salmon boasts the highest Vitamin D levels. Despite the temptation, do not consult the technological morsels elicited from your phone. Rather, if social media topics are to be pursued, share the decadence in full via a tweeted recipe on hiding zucchini in a dark chocolate cake to escalate antioxidants. Be as considerate of a fellow shopper's cart items as you are with your own; a well-stocked cart of fruit and vegetables encourages adequate micronutrient levels. Begin conversations with questions of potential food preparation methods discovering that roasting vegetables naturally produces their caramelization or maillard reaction.

Now that cohesion of ingredients has arisen, establish a formal encounter by asking them to add a hint of seasoning to your homemade tomato stew. Remember, go easy on the salt.

Written by: Sam Heller, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern

Source: Today

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