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5 Ways Managers Can Support Wellness

Is your management team prepared to lead? The commitment and leadership of managers is one of the most valuable assets of any corporate wellness program. Companies that get buy-in from managers can increase employee participation and engagement in wellness programs.

Managers can make a difference in employee health and well-being by providing support, offering encouragement, asking questions and listening to their employees. Employers can provide managers with the tools and flexibility to promote well-being to their team and create an environment where they feel supported.

Be a role model. By actively participating in company wellness programs, managers can role model the importance of participation and leading a healthy lifestyle. Managers who make their own personal well-being a priority show their team that being healthy is important to the company and that it’s okay to step away from their office to attend a wellness program event.

Communicate. Managers need to connect with their teams through open dialogues in a way that also protects an employee’s privacy. Short, regular check-ins can help employees feel appreciated and comfortable.

Think long term. Investing in employees’ long-term health and wellness pays dividends for employers. Employees who are healthy are both happier and more productive.

Recognize achievements. Acknowledging accomplishments and success creates a positive work environment. Company-wide announcements of goals reached can also boost team spirit. Showcase your employees’ wellness successes at meetings or your company newsletter.

Understand work-life balance. Managers can help employees establish a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible working options that meet individual needs. Work-life balance is a critical component of employee well-being. Providing flexible options improves employee productivity and increases morale.

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