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Avoid the Afternoon Slump

Afternoon slump? Take the stairs!

Unfortunately, low energy seems to be a norm, especially in the afternoon. To be honest, it seems we can’t keep up with the eight-hour workday. If you are one of the lucky ones, you eat breakfast before you leave and at noon there’s lunch. Then comes the worst part of the day, the afternoon slump. Trying to focus on the computer, or whatever your workload consists of, while your body is screaming for a nap is truly a struggle. If this applies to you, we’ve got the information. The “magic” solution has been revealed in a recent study.

Are you ready for this? The solution is stair walking. That’s right. Hop on a stair walker at the gym or head to the staircase in your office. Replace that cup of coffee with some steps up and down to improve your overall attentiveness and energy level. The study proved that brief stair walking has more of an energizing effect than 50 mg of coffee in chronically sleep-deprived women. Not only will you be saving money by declining that cup of coffee, but your body will thank you. Free and healthy – yes, please! If you’re worried about the intensity of activity it requires, fear no more. The study evaluated low to moderate intensity while taking the stairs -- something you can do in business attire. Plus, you can burn two to three times more calories climbing stairs at a slow pace than you would walking briskly on level ground. So, treat yourself, take a break and increase your energy.

Bottom line: Getting up and moving from your desk isn’t all it takes. Getting those extra steps in will improve your health and make the second part of your day a much more enjoyable one.

Written by: Kelsey Bird, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern


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