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New Foods for People with Food Allergies

Food Allergy Friendly Products

In the United States, one in thirteen children has a food allergy and ninety percent of those allergies are caused by eight foods: soy, eggs, dairy, wheat, peanuts, fish, shell fish and tree nuts. With more attention on allergy-friendly alternatives, the list of new food items on the market is exciting. Below is information on some of the newest products to hit supermarket shelves.

Pea protein powder has been available for some time, but this vegan option has recently taken off and is providing many alternatives for people with protein allergies including soy, eggs, milk and tree nuts.

For a dairy-free cream cheese try Cream Cheeze by Daiya available in plain, onion and chive, and strawberry. Daiya also has great dairy-free cheeses that melt well. Cream Cheeze may just be the perfect option for a morning bagel or a dairy-free cheesecake.

Bolthouse Farms is the maker of juices and smoothies and can be found in the produce aisle of the supermarket. They have developed a pea protein milk in unsweetened, vanilla and chocolate. These beverages are excellent options for someone who has tree nut and soy allergies.

Patrick's Protein Pancake Mix by Among Friends uses pea protein, whole grain and egg products. Patrick’s is gluten-free, whole grain and contains fourteen grams of protein per serving. Finding a gluten free product that the whole family is willing to eat is uncommon, but Patrick’s makes this possible. Pancake mix can easily be converted to crepes or waffles and opens up a world of gluten-free breakfast possibilities.

Dairy-free yogurts that are soy or coconut based have been widely available; however, a new plant-based alternative using cultured nut milk is now an option, thanks to Kite Hill’s dairy-free yogurts. Their new yogurt can be found in exciting flavors like key-lime, pineapple and caramel.

Eggs have been a difficult allergen to find alternatives for, but Bob’s Red Mill has created a solution for this demand with their new egg replacement. This product is formulated from soy flour, wheat gluten and algin and is intended for items such as pancakes, muffins, cakes and waffles. Try Bob’s the next time you are baking and need to avoid using eggs.

Written by: Ariel Beaird, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern

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