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Wellness Workdays Launches Resilience & Support Coaching Program for Employees during COVID-19

Resilience and Support Coaching, Employee Health

Wellness Workdays has launched a Resilience & Support Coaching program to address the well-being of employees in the face of COVID-19. Wellness Workdays coaches have extensive training in identifying and guiding employees to manage stress, anxiety, depression and suicide prevention. The program addresses the needs of employers who are concerned for the well being of front line staff, a remote workforce, or those in leadership positions in their organization while dealing with COVID-19.

The program provides resilience support where employees are coached through a behavioral health assessment to identify key concerns. The coaches then help connect employees to relevant and timely resources and follow up. Using their proprietary software, professionals then follow through to make sure employees are getting the support and help they need. The programs can be up and running in as little as 24 hours.

Wellness Workdays Launches Resilience &
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