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New Certification for Safety Professionals Focuses on Behavioral Health and Well-Being

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Wellness Workdays

A new certification for safety professionals addresses a crucial yet sometimes over looked aspect of worker well­being – their behavioral health. The new Workplace Well­Being for Safety Professionals Certification (WWSP-10) equips safety professionals with the skills to improve the quality of life for their employees both in their workplace and private lives.

The certification was developed by Wellness Workdays, a leading provider of measurable workplace wellness programs that produce quantifiable reductions in healthcare costs and improved employee productivity. With two decades providing outcome-based wellness solutions, Wellness Workdays has helped large companies and government agencies generate greater value through improved employee health.

In the highly safety-focused construction industry, for instance, the need for integrated safety and well­being programs is evident — as one report found that nearly 60% of workers face mental health challenges, said Debra Wein, CEO and Founder of Wellness Workdays. "Integrated wellness programs can reduce the number of at-risk employees in a workforce, directly translating to substantial cost savings and improved safety outcomes for employers," she stated.

"Integrating job site safety and wellness curates a culture where each employee can feel their best. Ensuring worker well-being is more than just providing a safe physical environment; it's about creating a space where people feel heard and cared for and are unafraid to seek help," Wein said.

"The WWSP-10 certification is an essential resource for safety professionals, providing the practical tools required to address these issues," she said. The curriculum includes comprehensive, self-paced training to facilitate optimal working conditions and safety standards, where workers can thrive mentally, emotionally, and physically. It features videos, resources, and learning exercises on critical emotional and mental health skills, including communication, psychological safety, and mental health first aid.

"As an industry, we must continuously strive to adapt quantifiable measures and tactics that ensure the safety of our workers onsite. Total worker health offers another perspective often overlooked when discussing safety," says Jamie Evans, Director of Safety for Turner Construction. "Fostering a work environment where workers can openly express themselves, feel cared for, and engage in healthy behaviors is vital in decreasing the risk for injury. Because when people feel their best, they perform their best – keeping themselves and others safe."

For detailed information on the WWSP-10 safety professional certification and program, visit


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The new Safety Professional with a Focus on Behavioral Health and Well-Being certification promotes the well-being of workers – their behavioral health, to protect the legal rights and interests of workers. flappy bird

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