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Employee Wellness: It's Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring has officially sprung! You know what that means? The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and it’s time to do some spring cleaning. After a long, cold winter it’s time to refresh your home, which surprisingly, can be a great refresher for you, too. But spring cleaning is something we often put off as it can feel like a daunting task. If you are looking for some motivation to start spring cleaning, here are a few helpful things to know:


Be patient with the process. Yes, the days may be getting “longer” but that doesn’t mean your workload has gotten any shorter. Try to take cleaning one step at a time. First, take the pressure off that your home needs to be sparkling clean in one day or one weekend. Next, commit to spending a reasonable amount of time cleaning each week. This could look like one hour per day on the weekends, 30 minutes three times per week, or 15 minutes per day. You can also make this a family effort and get the job done faster! Play some music or tune into your favorite podcast to make the job more enjoyable. Approaching cleaning this way can help keep you from tiring out and putting off the project entirely.


It’s good for your health! Though still time consuming, this helps make it all worth it. Over the winter the house can fill up with dust and dirt that can irritate our allergies. By giving everything a clean sweep it will not only look better but can improve the quality of the air too. So open your windows and let that stale winter air out and the fresh air in. Additionally, cleaning is a form of physical activity. Because cleaning is also productive, it may be more enticing to tidy up the house for 30 minutes than to exercise for 30 minutes. A study by NiCole Keith Ph.D. at the University of Indiana actually showed that those who kept a cleaner home were healthier and more physically active than those who did not.


It’s good for your mental health too. Cleaning can also reduce stress. A study from the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that women who described their homes as “full of unfinished projects” or “cluttered” were more likely to be depressed, fatigued and have higher cortisol levels when compared to those who described their homes as being more “restful” or “restorative.”


Bottom line: Your home will not be the only one reaping the benefits of spring cleaning. Make a great playlist and set aside some time this week to get moving while tidying up!


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