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Wellness Programs: Key Design and Results Findings

Wellness Programs: Key Design and Results Findings

Employees actively seek employment with organizations that offer wellness programs. As a result, employers are expected to invest an average of $3.6 million on their respective well-being programs this year. According to a recent UnitedHealth Group survey of 1,000 beneficiaries, most individuals enrolled in an employer-sponsored plan said they would participate in a wellness program customized to their needs. And 70% of employees who did not have access to a wellness program at work indicated they would be interested in participating in one. The survey uncovered a number of significant findings employers can use when designing their programs.

What are the key considerations you should consider when developing or enhancing your current wellness offerings?

  • Sixty-eight percent of employees said a financial incentive of as little as $2/day would improve the likelihood that they would participate in a wellness program

  • Sixty percent of employees said they’d be more likely to participate in a wellness program if the program offered a social component

  • Sixty-seven percent of employees said they’d be more likely to participate in a program that involved their spouse or partner

Design was not the only thing the survey focused on; results were important too – and respondents were overwhelmingly positive about the benefits of wellness programs on their health.

  • Eighty-two percent of employees said the program motivated them to pay more attention to their health

  • Sixty-three percent of employees said they increased their physical activity levels as a result of their wellness program participation

  • Almost sixty percent of employees reported improved health after participating in an employer-sponsored wellness program

  • Fifty-nine percent of participants said their employer-sponsored wellness program led them to make dietary improvements

  • Fifty percent of employees said their wellness program reduced their stress

  • Almost half of employees reported improved workplace productivity as a result of wellness program participation

  • More than one-third of employees said they no longer needed to take sick days after participating in their employer’s wellness program.

  • More than one-quarter of employees reported that program participation helped them detect a developing disease or medical condition

Employers have an opportunity to attract and retain a talented workforce with customizable wellness programs that demonstrate the value of leading a healthier life. Employees benefit by becoming healthier and more invested in their well-being while employers reap benefits by reducing healthcare costs, absenteeism and presenteeism, and attracting new hires. Contact us to learn more about our award-winning customized wellness programs offered by Wellness Workdays.

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