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Lunch Ideas for Work

healthy lunch at work

Do you ever struggle with figuring out what to eat for lunch? Maybe you are looking for fast and convenient or something more nutritious but don’t have time to build your lunch in the morning. Look no further for workplace lunch ideas.

Leftovers Bringing in the previous night’s leftovers is a great, convenient lunch idea. You can always spruce it up by adding a new, fresh side or adding a different sauce than you used the night before. You can quickly grab leftovers because there is no preparation needed and be on your way to work with a healthy lunch without delay.

Shop at the Grocery Store Have you considered going to the grocery store on your lunch break? Find your favorite meals -- whether in the deli section or the frozen food aisle. Grab some fresh fruit or veggies as a snack or side. If you have a little more time and storage space in your office, you can pick up the ingredients for a healthy dinner as well.

Smoothies These cold, filling drinks are a quick, on-the-go idea for traveling lunches. Aim to get as many food groups as possible into your smoothie for a balanced meal including fruit, dairy (yogurt or milk), protein (peanut butter or protein powder), grains (oats or granola), and maybe even some vegetables (spinach or cauliflower). Don’t be afraid to try new recipes. Click for tips on making low sugar smoothies.

Delivery Services There are a number of companies that will deliver food straight to your workplace doorstep. This guarantees your food will be fresh and delicious. Depending on your diet preferences, many services can accommodate your needs.

Whichever choice you make, there are many satisfying and delicious workplace lunch options.

Written by: Brianna Ballard, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern. Learn more about Wellness Workdays and our wellness program offerings by downloading our brochure.

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