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7 Tips for Developing a Corporate Wellness Program in 2019

corporate wellness plan

The effectiveness of a corporate wellness program depends largely on its implementation. To build an effective wellness program, follow these steps:

Survey your employees. Develop a short survey to identify the health needs of your workforce and find what types of programs interest them. Use the survey to uncover the barriers that are preventing them from achieving a healthier lifestyle. Consider offering a small incentive to participate in the survey – a raffle drawing with gift cards or cash prizes can be very effective.

Get a corporate wellness app. Wellness apps can be an easy way for employees to track their health conditions and provide data points that can be used to enhance program offerings.

Identify wellness resources. Check with your employee benefits provider and/or health insurance company to find out what wellness tools and benefits they offer; many companies offer free or low-cost options. Look for local resources in your community, such as yoga instructors, who would be willing to offer onsite classes.

Offer a variety of options. Personalize your wellness program for the best results. Use the data from your survey to meet various needs. Some employees may want nutrition education while others may be interested in fitness. But be sure to dig deeper. When it comes to fitness individuals often have different interests. Some employees may want to start a walking program while others may be more interested in a lifting weights, learning how to do yoga or taking up a sport such as tennis.

Develop a written plan. Your wellness program should be put in writing and guidelines for the program should be included in your employee handbook. Disseminate the information when recruiting potential employees and when enrolling employees in their benefit plans.

Communicate to your employees. Your employees are busy and getting them to focus on wellness program offerings can be a challenge. Weekly updates via email blasts or a newsletter is a useful way to introduce new wellness activities. Print flyers announcing programs and benefits and place in common areas such as employee break rooms.

Partner with a wellness provider. To take your program to the next level, consider partnering with a wellness provider. A company experienced in developing effective wellness programs can help you implement the steps outlined here and provide a depth of resources to enhance your program for the best results.

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