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Wellness Workdays is your dedicated partner in creating a worksite wellness program that will inspire your employees to make simple and positive changes to improve their health.

Data Integration to Improve
Wellness Programs

In this webcast, we will provide innovative ways to generate meaningful data to improve wellness outcomes, including reduced health care costs, increased productivity and lower rates of presenteeism - to a company's goals.


Other topics include:

  • Accurately diagnose your organization's most-pressing health and work behavior challenges and turn them into measurable goals. 

  • Identify the key data sources for cost-effective assessment and program evaluation procedures.

  • Support more complex incentive programs that are motivating and also reward employees for behavior changes.

  • Optimize third-party resources such as health coaching, screening, wearables, and mobile technology.

  • Communicate wellness measurements to all levels of the organization with real-time data.

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