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Invest in Employee Wellbeing: Strategies for Financial Success

This discussion is designed to equip employers with the tools and knowledge you need to enhance the financial well-being of your employees. In this session, Debra Wein, CEO of Wellness Workdays, and industry expert Jen Reid, CEO of BASE, delved into effective strategies for fostering a culture of financial wellbeing within your organization. 


From promoting financial literacy to implementing practical initiatives, they explored how prioritizing employee financial health can drive productivity and foster a more engaged workforce. Discover actionable insights and best practices that can empower you to support your employees on their journey toward financial wellness. 

About Jen Reid:

Jen Reid is a sought-after personal finance expert, commentator, and Founder of Base Planning - a financial management, organization and planning firm. Since launching Base, Jen’s innovative approach to personal finance has caught the attention of national media outlets, including Huffpost, GoBankingRates, Best Life, Mother Untitled, Apartment Therapy, National Association of Women In Conduction and more. Jen is a licensed financial planner and investment advisor.  She believes that financial planning and wellness should not be considered a luxury, and with commitment and discipline, any willing person can turn their financial situation around and can be good with money. She is also a certified NLP and EFT practitioner and Hypnotherapist. 

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