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Investing in your employees' health


Our extensive experience working with banks and financial firms makes us unique in the wellness industry.

Wellness Workdays is committed to improving employee health by providing effective wellness initiatives to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Engaging employees in dispersed locations such as branches and operations is what we do best. Using our best practices to provide strategic direction and a hands-on approach means that together we can promote outcomes for your organization.

Don't just take our word for it...



Norway Savings Bank, founded in 1866 and based in Norway, ME is a leading mutual banking and financial services company. Norway Savings Bank was named a “Best Practices” winner by the New England Employee Benefits Council (NEEBC). The annual award is presented to organizations that best exhibit innovation and creativity in the planning and delivery of their employee benefit programs. Norway Savings Bank partnered with Wellness Workdays and its subsidiary OMC Wellness to develop a corporate wellness strategy that included personalized health coaching and technology to promote meaningful health outcomes for its employees. 

"We implemented our wellness program to improve the health of our employees and control costs. We started by offering face-to-face health coaching with a focus on reducing health risks, but over time we expanded our program to add new features and initiatives..."

Richelle Wallace, Senior Vice President,

Senior Resources Officer at Norway Savings Bank

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The success of our wellness program is a direct result of three things - senior management engagement, partnering with Wellness Workdays, and effective marketing.

Maria Harris, SVP,

Director of Human Resources

Rockland Trust Bank

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