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Hear from WWDI Alumni

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"After my experience with WWDI, I could not speak more highly of them and how lucky I feel to be part of the WWDI family. I truly never felt alone in this entire process. No matter what came up in this past year--whether it was about finding rotations, paperwork, questions about assignments or projects, health issues, the COVID pandemic, or family/life events--I received constant compassion and support from the WWDI team throughout the entire internship...I am so grateful to have had such an amazing advisor and internship team that helped to make my dietetic internship such a positive experience. 10/10 recommend!" 

~ Natalya Erbel MS, RDN  Class of 2020

"The support from my advisors and everyone in between has been instrumental. I was well received, given appropriate attention and always felt comfortable in reaching out. I really appreciate everyone's optimism and positivity throughout the duration of my internship. I could tell WWDI is a strong team and led by strong leadership. Feeling supported in the process really impacted my performance. I am very grateful. I felt part of a community. I think that is what makes WWDI stand out above competitors. It made a difference for me."














~ Andrea Brazausky RDN, Class of 2020

"The one thing I enjoyed the most about my dietetic internship was developing strong relationships with the dietitians and other staff members at each rotation/site. Having the autonomy to select where I wanted to complete each rotation was a plus because it gave me some options on what I wanted to focus on. But most importantly, everyone made me feel welcome and comfortable. They provided me with the resources necessary to complete my assignments/projects and taught me a lot about the nutrition world. I can confidently say that the trust, communication, and rapport built in these relationships have aided my personal and professional growth."

"Everyone at WWDI is amazing! My experience was a 10/10, I never felt alone and the support was always there and available. My advisor was so wonderful and got back to me instantly. The support and resources provided are just amazing, I loved everything about WWDI. 

~ Nandini Devi, Class of 2022

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~ Kenny Lin RDN, Class of 2021

Wellness Workdays Dietetic Internship Program

Wellness Workdays Dietetic Internship Program

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