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WWDI Program Concentrations

The Wellness Workdays Dietetic Internship (WWDI) program offers three areas of concentration: Worksite Wellness & Health Promotion, Sports Nutrition & Entrepreneurship, Nutrition Communications and Marketing.

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Wellness Workdays now offers DI spots with these professional and collegiate teams. WWDI Interns who choose our Sports Nutrition & Entrepreneurship concentration learn from the best!

  • Duke University

  • Minnesota Twins

  • Notre Dame

  • University of Alabama

    • Tuscaloosa​

    • Birmingham

  • University of Colorado​

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Learn more about our Sports Nutrition & Entrepreneurship 
Concentration and visit ‘How to Apply’ to learn more about the application process.


The concentration in worksite wellness addresses an emerging field in dietetics and creates more opportunities and awareness for students interested in the field of prevention and wellness. 


Students will learn how to design and deliver strategic worksite wellness programs that target both at-risk and healthy populations in order to reduce the risk of chronic disease and keep the healthy people healthy. 


Interns will be encouraged to locate a site, if not directly at Wellness Workdays, that allows them to observe first hand the development of a comprehensive worksite wellness program that will include experience with biometric screenings, nutrition and fitness classes, wellness seminars, team based challenges, lectures and cooking demonstrations. Sites could include corporations, insurance carriers, benefits brokers, employee assistance programs, city/state health departments, town/city human resource departments and other organizations. 


Interns will also learn about innovative wellness technology, engage in social media opportunities, assist in the creation of marketing and programming tools including needs and interest surveys, culture audits, flyers, articles, presentations and programs that promote wellness at the worksite. 




The sports nutrition and entrepreneurship concentration, addresses a popular and growing field in dietetics. Students will complete rotations with various athlete populations including collegiate and professional levels, athletic training facilities and/or private practice RDs specializing in sports nutrition.


The student will learn about issues affecting this specific population and combine the nutrition knowledge with the training goals of the athlete to promote optimal performance.


Interns will learn about and analyze the effectiveness of performance enhancing supplements and ergogenic products, propose a business plan for an entrepreneurial opportunity, and create marketing and programming materials aimed at the nutrition education of athletes.

Visit our intern resources page to download a detailed description of the program.



The nutrition communications and marketing concentration, addresses important skills for registered dietitians to master in order to effectively reach populations and promote health and wellness.


Students will complete rotations at facilities that utilize communications and marketing to promote nutrition and health benefits such as nutrition boards and councils, magazines, social media outlets, blogs, etc. The student will develop and utilize their skills to create effective campaigns that target and promote health and wellness initiatives to specific populations.


Interns will also engage in social media opportunities such as blogging and tweeting, and assist in the creation of marketing and programming tools that include fliers, articles, presentations and programs that promote wellness initiatives.



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“The program’s flexibility allowed me to schedule rotations at my convenience with the preceptors of my choice. I also am fortunate enough to gain experience at multiple locations around the country.”

~ Hilary Sullivan, RDN, Class of 2016

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sports nutrition & entrepreneurship
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