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5 Unique Apps to Help You Get in Shape

Apps for Getting in Shape

Exercising can seem like a chore sometimes. If we don’t change things up, our workout routines tend to get a little boring. Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration and excitement to bring fun back to fitness. These five smart phone apps are changing the workout game and keeping things interesting.

1. Charity Miles: If you’re a runner and you like to give back, Charity Miles is the app for you. Running the app before you begin your jog will earn you 25 cents per mile for your preselected charity. If you run one mile every day for a year, you’ll have raised nearly $100 for good cause. When a lot of people use Charity Miles the money adds up, so get your friends and family to join you.

2. Carrot Fit: Carrot is a robot trainer that threatens, inspires, ridicules and bribes you to get you moving. Carrot guides you through a daily “7 minutes in hell” workout that will require you to do 30 seconds of 12 punishing exercises and will berate you if you don’t. Warning, this app is not for the faint of heart as she may refer to you as “chubby human.”

3. Salute the Desk: No need to go to a yoga studio, this app will have you flowing and posing right at your desk. It’s features help improve your posture, relieve stress and stretch out target areas of the body. Great for a quick Zen break in the middle of your workday.

4. Zombies, Run!: In this story-based work out app, it’s your mission to help rebuild civilization by running to retrieve critical supplies outside of your virtual base. As you run, the app keeps track of your distance and progress as the story plays out. It’s like living a real life Walking Dead episode.

5. Couch to 5k: This app for running newbies will have you off the couch and running 5Ks in only eight weeks. The app provides the training plan with a mix of running and walking and all that is required of you is 30 minutes three times a week -- very doable, right?

Written by: Mandy Pelletier, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern


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